Mar 31, 2010

TE37 Volks on S2000


I completely forgot about this beauty. If you remember, it’s Dut's S2000 posing on Volks TE37.

Mugen CRX Del Sol


I’m not a big Del Sol fan, but this one has got magic on me. All the best goodies, from Mugen MF8 rims, Mugen seats, to Takata Green harness. Reminds me very much on Mugenized Integra I posted some time ago. List of candies is probably rich for both of them, Mugen all the way! DelSol powered by K20 unit, which is of course the ultimate Honda’s engine at this time.


Mar 30, 2010

370Z bodykit by Zele performance


Actually one of the best styled body kits for Nissan 370Z I have seen so far. Not too hard, but still aggressive enough. Bumpers, side skirts + carbon fiber front lip and rear spoiler for complete perfection.

Check out Zele performance for more Fairlady Z34 parts!

370z-bodykit-zulu370z-rear-spoiler370Z Zulu

Mar 29, 2010

Broken Rota wheels


Not exactly a situation you want to be in…


Mar 27, 2010

Nelson Racing RX7


1650hp monster from Nelson Racing on street. Definitely not a daily drive car and definitely not an economic one:) Getting some traction will be more difficult than getting 1650hp out of this engine, that’s for sure.

Mar 25, 2010

Takata Green CE28N on EVO IX


Cleanest EVO IX on Takata Green Volk CE28N rims. Stock exterior, lowered suspension, JDM Volks and voila, a car to adore. Only thing that is missing is rear spoiler, I know some may say EVO is cleaner without it, but that bigass spoiler is a real trademark of EVO, same thing on EVOs biggest rival Impreza STI. True AWD legends.

White body with CE28N rims, looks better on EVO or Impreza? You decide.


Mar 24, 2010

Miata NB6 by Manos


These days I received first E-mail with pictures of reader’s car. Mazda Miata NB6 (second generation) by Manos from Greece.


In less than one year his Miata became a real little drifting monster. Tochigi Fuji Super LSD differential, 4,777 final drive, KYB AGX adjustable shocks with H&R springs, Sparco REV and Sabelt GT1 seats, Raid steering wheel, custom half  cage, cat-back, air intake… And the list of modifications goes on and on! Add in mind Rota Zero Plus rims, and you’ll get an awesome Miata to admire.

Miata drifting MX5 drifting Miata Rota dsc0156d dsc0148ya

Mar 23, 2010

Impreza 1998 WRC


Remember the times when Collin McRae rocked WRC championships with Subaru? Remember when Impreza was making it’s way to legends?

For many people those were the best times of WRC championship. When drivers were becoming heroes and true competition was present!

Mar 22, 2010

EVO time


Stunning photo, EVOs ready to blast! I would bet my money on monster from behind.


Mar 21, 2010

R34 GT-R V-spec & Volks


My style JDM R34 GT-R Godzilla. Some day, just some day this monster will be mine! Old school shaped black Nissan Skyline GT-R with 3-piece Volk GT-C series rims.With that brutal look, it doesn’t even have to move to look fast.

For sure one of the best R34s I’ve ever seen, I envy the owner:) Some day…

Mar 19, 2010

R34 GT-R Wallpaper


Couple of JDM Nissan R34 GT-R wallpapers for your desktop.

Resolution is 1600 x 1200, hope you like it:)


Recaro seats


Kindergarten edition must be…

Mar 16, 2010

SKR EG6 at Tsukuba


On board video of SKR Honda Civic EG6 running at Tsukuba Circuit. NA monster with b18c (Integra Type R) engine and EK9 camshafts, running a great time of 1:05:XX. Not exactly a super lap like HKS EVO VIII, but for NA hot-hatch that’s impressive! Few lap times of stock cars at Tsukuba by Best motoring:

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 RS 1:04:151
Honda NSX-R 1:06:01
Mugen Civic RR 1:06:68
Honda NSX Type-S 1:06:57
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-spec 1:07:09

Mar 15, 2010



More and more tuners started to tune still fresh Honda CR-Z. After some hot shots from Spoon Sports and concept pictures from Mugen company, now HKS published some pictures of their version of black CR-Z.

As always, HKS is cheap with revealing details until the very last moment. Engine work, exhaust, rims (Advan RS I suppose), body and brakes. Nothing drastic, but let yourself be surprised.

I’m still skeptical about that hybrid engines, with a K20 unit CR-Z would be a real pocket rocket, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Optimism part 2


This time Honda vs EVO. Remember Part 1?

Mar 14, 2010

Black STI on Volks


All black Impreza STI on Volks TE37 rims. A real badass monster, that generation of Impreza STI is my favorite, too bad what Subaru has done to new Impreza, but I can handle it probably:) Black Volks TE37 suits on that monster like a father on mother:)

Sure looks clean without rear spoiler, but that is kind of a soul of Impreza STI, something just doesn't feel right. Volks TE37 or Work Emotions?

Mar 13, 2010

DC2 in action


EUDM Integra DC2 on OEM Enkei rims. Integra is one of very rare Hondas with beautiful OEM rims, especially when they are painted to bronze or Takata green. Can’t say that for any EG or EK hatchback for sure.

Enjoy it.

Mar 12, 2010

Voltex aero kit on S2000


Evasive S2000 equipped with prototype of Voltex aero kit and Volks RE30 rims. It’s a street class monster, although it doesn’t look street legal at all. Brutal shapes and design, this S2000 is just made for racing, as it proved with ending on 1st place in finals of Buttonwillow CW13 Config Superlap battle.

Tein suspentions, Volks RE30 rims, AP breaking system with Project Mu 999 pads and Voltex aerodynamic kit are some of the most important swapped components on Evasive S2000, tuning of that S2000 is going to be harder with every new year. Can’t improve perfection.

Anyway, I got only this one picture, the rest of them you’ll just have to find on Sean Klingelhoefer’s blog. You sure won’t regret it, because he’s a guru of awesome photography. You can find link to his blog any time on my blogroll list.

S2000 Voltex Aero

Mar 11, 2010

RX7 on Works rims


RX7 with Work rims? Not one, but two boosted rotary monsters this time. Lucky owner, who owns both of these Mazdas RX7. Clean and gorgeous, both on 3-piece Works. Red RX7 on VS-XX and blue on on Work Meisters S1.

Which one would you choose?

  RX7 Works rimsRX7 Work VS-XXRX7 Work rims

Mar 10, 2010

Takata Green Works on DC5 -part2


Remember part 1 of Integra DC5 on Takata green Work rims quite some time ago? Here are another 2 pics of the same crazy DC5.

I won’t comment on it, you gotta love it.

Takata Green DC5 Work rims Takata Green Works rims DC5

Mar 9, 2010

EK9 Racing day at Suzuka


JDM EK9s attacking West Suzuka circuit kamikaze style. Video onboard from 2001, great skills by driver. What a great race that was, I wish I was there.

Mar 6, 2010

NSX @ Suzuka Circuit


Monster JDM NSX racing at Suzuka, Japan. Definitely not a daily-drive:) Too bad I only found pictures from front angle, but still amazing shots on amazing Honda NSX. NSX SuzukaNSX Suzuka Of course no hot-hatch EG6 can compete with queen NSX. Compared to NSX, EG hatchback is only a Sunday shopping vehicle:)NSX EG6

Mar 5, 2010

Ken Block Wannabe


Ken Block’s stunts. If you see someone with a lots of money, doing silly things with his Subaru Impreza STI…

…it doesn’t mean you can do it on your own with your Honda:)


R35 and Supra by Illtech


Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R and Toyota Supra from Illtech auto salon showing off on a highway. They are also for sale: $88,5k for GT-R and $75k for Supra.

Mar 4, 2010

Takata green TE37 Volks on EK9


One of the best Honda EK9 photos I have ever seen. CTR posing on Takata green Volk TE37 rims. How could it get any better?

Mar 3, 2010

Drifting with AE86 Hachiroku


Photos of Hachirokus are the best, when Hachis are caught in action. True oldschool monsters, who are just made to drift! It’s the most popular JDM hot-hatch tuner cars in US, and it is for a reason. Through years it became an icon of JDM drifting cars.

AE86 hachiroku action AE86 hachiroku in action

Young Keiichi Tsuchiya

I’m sure you know who made Toyotas AE86 (and also whole JDM racing scene) so popular, of course it’s Keiichi Tsuchiya-san - the Drift King. Do you recognize him from this picture?

Oldschool photo shot :D

Mar 2, 2010

How JDM are you? Winners


How JDM are you contest reached it’s end. Congratulations to all of the contestants, best 3 of you won the prize, which is 10€ worth voucher for Automotodeco online store.

1. Paulius and Mindaugas -

2. JuliusAba -

3. Jack with his collection of JDM jokes.

Congratulations again to all of you and thanks to Automotodeco, who made this contest possible.

Mar 1, 2010

Civic EG6 crash…


Damn that hurts. Rainy days are no good at all!

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