Dec 30, 2009

Marching into 2010...


Year 2010 is getting closer and closer, I wish you all the best in 2010, hope you reach all your goals and wishes and remember: after rain, sun always shines:)
I started this blog this year, because I just enjoy JDM cars, searching and posting JDM content is just so much fun to do
I hope this blog grows in 2010 and content gets better and better and fun to read:) 

Thank you for all of your support!

BIPPU – VIP styled Toyota Crown


Bippu, what does it mean? It’s modification of JDM luxury cars with purpose to make them even more luxurious. It’s also called VIP style (it’s obviously why). Whole bippu thing started with Yakuzas. They used to drive around with high-priced European luxury cars and they were getting too much attention by the police and rival gangs. Luxury EU cars were spotted easily, so they decided to drive JDM cars wich don’t get so much attention by others. But JDM limo sedans were not so exotic, so they started to mod them Bippu style and make pimp-mobils out of them:)

Typical bippu mods are big wheels, large mufflers, and lowered suspensions straight to the ground. It was all made on JDM sedans and limos, and with years, bippu style passed on minivans and kei cars and got very popular among styling freaks.

Hope you like this new “section” ;) Oldschool Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown Bippuy style Toyota Crown Bippu Style Toyota Crown Bippu Style

pics via: bippu4life

Dec 29, 2009

83’ Toyota Corolla AE71 – oldschool hachi


Totally renovated oldschool Toyota Corolla AE71 (the fourth Corolla generation) from Philippines.
Hachis deserve to live, respect to renovation project, this AE71 Corolla looks like a brand new car. Equipped with LSD from AE86 GTS and powered by “Black top” engine – Toyota’s 20v 4A-GE engine, which came out in 5.generation of Corollas and is originally equipped with ITB. Sounds evil, as it really is!
toyota_corolla_ae71 4age_engine Toyota_corolla_AE71_2  toyota_corolla_AE71Toyota_corolla_ae71_3 Toyota_Corolla_AE71_1 Toyota_corolla_AE71_interior
pics via: superstreetonline

Dec 28, 2009

Funny moments with Best Motoring


smile :)

Dec 26, 2009

Honda HSV-10 GT unofficial tests @ Suzuka


First unofficial testing of Honda HSV-10 GT at Suzuka circuit, Japan. Can’t tell you much, I can only show you! Listen to that sound of 3.4L v8 engine at high rpm! NSX of new Super GT generation is here.
IMG_7505-1 IMG_7110-1 IMG_7156-1 IMG_7188-1 IMG_7229-1 IMG_7284-1 IMG_7430-1 IMG_7430

pics source: kasenzyuku

Red DC2 with Mugen rear wing


USDM Integra DC2 with Mugen rear wing. This Integra looks hot even without JDM front end! Would you choose Volk TE37 rims or Buddy Club P1 rims?
Buddy Club P1
Volk TE37
pics via:jdmwallpapers

Dec 25, 2009

Crazy Supra Drift Overtake


Crazy stuff, on a Norwegian race track taped by Clash production.

Dec 24, 2009

EG6 body graphic


What a body graphic by Designwerx on silver Civic EG6! I’m not a body stickers and graphic fan, but this thing sure looks hot! A true racing look, EG6 sitting on Spoon rims. Photo by Nick_Me

Triple Drift AE86 and Silvia


Photos "in action" impress me the most. Two Toyotas AE86 Hachi-Roku and Nissan 180SX from Sexy Knights Team in triple parallel drift photo.

Dec 23, 2009

Honda HSV-10 GT


First official picture of substitute for "old" Honda NSX. It's not going to be a civil car. For now... it will be only be produced in 5 examples (teams: ARTA, Dome, Real Racing, TEAM Kunimitsu and Nakajima Racing) in the beginning of 2010 for racing purposes in Japan Super GT series.
Almost full carbon-fibre body runned by 3,4L V8 engine which shall produce about 600 bhp! HSV-10 GT is going to rev up to 10.300rpm, it means we can expect some crazy sound coming out of engine.
We wish Honda HSV-10 GT all the best, to sucessfully continue path of a legendary NSX.

Dec 22, 2009

Drifting with Nissan S14 Silvia at 206 Kph


Remember driving on a highway at more than 200 Kph? Remember how trees and landscape are dissapearing fast when you look through the window? Imagine driving sideways at that speed in 750 hp Nissan Silvia S14... priceless :)

Dec 21, 2009

Canned EG6 and Integra in L.A.


Should I say anything? Action of policemen in L.A. to prevent illegal street races... Because building a racetrack is too expensive. Morons... Video of destroying those cars here

Dec 20, 2009

Integra Missed shift 3rd gear


Epic fail, Honda Integra missed shift on 1/4mile dragrace. 2nd gear revs to top end 9k+rpm, than missed 3rd gear, back to 1st, about 12k+rpm... Result: broken engine.

Dec 18, 2009

Infiniti G35 on SSR wheels in gold


Another beautiful car from dut619
Infiniti G35 on SSR wheels in gold with polished edges. In a combo on white limo, can't get hotter! Ling Ly photo shootings are one of my favorites and I'm sure JDM Racing blog will stay in touch for more pictures.
Infiniti G45 on SSR wheels

Infiniti G45 on SSR wheels

Infiniti G45 on SSR wheels

Infiniti G45 on SSR wheels

Infiniti G45 on SSR wheels

Impreza Drifting Session


Wow, can't get tired of Impreza's noise! Drifting lessons on a mountain pass.

Dec 17, 2009

Dut's Black S2000 on Volk TE37 rims


I don't think I have to comment on this one, pictures say it all for themselves. Black Honda S2000 on Volk TE37 in gold.
pics by: dut619

Dec 16, 2009

Hasback beautiful photography

= 0 COMMENTS = provides some beautiful photos of Japanese cars, check it out, there's more of  them on Hasback's page!
Civic Coupe

Couple of Honda DC2

Dec 15, 2009

K-series JDM exhaust systems catalog on Integra DC5


 Hot Version JDM exhaust catalog for Honda Integra DC5 K-series from last year. My voice goes to J's Racing circuit muffler Titanium 70RR, such a perfect racing sound.

Dec 14, 2009

Skyline Nissan GT--R NUR and Z-Tune R34 brochure


Just an old brochure of JDM Nissan Skyline GT-R NUR (Nürburgring spec) and  Z-Tune R34 from some magazine.Nice description for Z-tune Skyline, 440kw beast, that's about 600hp! Come here Ferrari, Ferarri! This monster beats the crap out of any Ferrari.
pic source:meggala

Dec 13, 2009

HKS TRB02 EVO 8 Story


It was back in 2004 where Japan tuners gathered at Tsukuba Circuit to race in Video Option's 2004 Tsukuba Super Lap Challenge. HKS had Tsukuba circuit record that time (55 seconds flat), made by their HKS Lancer Evolution 8 Hypermax TRB02. This 552hp monster was built especially to break Tsukuba Circuit fastest tuner-car time. TRB literally means Tsukuba Record Breaker.

HKS EVO 8 TRB02 had a super-light body made of carbon fiber material. Bumpers, seat, wing, doors, bonnet, roof... it was all super light with crazy power/weight ratio. Interior of course specially designed for TRB Evo8 driver Nobuteru Taniguchi and his driving style; Takata seat-belt, Bride Zeta III CF seat, Chrono DB oil pressure meter... Sitting on gold Advan RG II racing wheels with Yokohama A048 (265-35-R18) tires, it was the meanest looking EVO ever.

HKS that day with driver Nobuteru Tanaguchi gave a lesson to other tuners what a CF bodied HKS tuned EVO8 can do, they broke their own record, setting a super-lap time 54,739 seconds. HKS had a few more runs, but tragedy happened after super-lap, brakes locked before corner and Taniguchi drove a car to the wall. Things like that happen when the car is driving on the edge of limit, I bet Taniguchi was looking for time in second range.

All the engine tuning parts are still available at HKS, so if you have about 100+k$ too much, you can build your own HKS TRB02 EVO 8 Hypermax.

Crash afterwards:

pic source: bushido81

Dec 11, 2009

SS Works CRX Tsukuba Trackday Pics


Don't know why, but I fall in love in SS Works Honda CRX. With big ass rear double-wing, diffusor and sharp front lip (let's face it)it isn't an extra good looking car:), but all of the exterior accessories are necessary for doing their function - grip. Grip is something that you have to miss when driving an SS Work CRX with only 730kg! Super light body is powered by B18C engine (Integra Type R) bored and stroked to 2.0L capacity and tuned to about 240hp. It's a monster however you look at it.
I posted 2 videos of SS Works CRX in action, it's a must-see!
SS Works CRX @ Tsukuba
SS Works CRX @ Ebisu
Pics from: crazuknights

Dec 10, 2009

VTEC Battle


Ultimate VTEC Battle 2009 @ Tsukuba Circuit.
Which one would you choose to be in your garage?
Honda CRX SS works - 230PS / 730kg
Honda NSX Esprit - 570PS / 1300kg
Honda S2000 ASM - 340PS / 1005kg
Honda Fit J's Racing - 330PS / 900kg

Kawabata's crazy drift entry


That's just the wildest drifting corner entry in D1GP history, Kawabata's entry. Kawabata with 500+hp Nissan Silvia S13

Dec 9, 2009

Acura NSX on Advan RS rims


For all of those who still don't know what to ask Santa clause for. One example of Acura NSX standing on Advan RS rims like this and I promise I'll be a good boy and ask for no more presents till the end of my life.

via: Cornerbalance

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