Jan 31, 2010



Yet completely fresh paint smell and automotive stickers e-shop automotodeco.com has arranged a competition for JDM Racing BLOG readers.

The competition is very simple and clear. All you need to do - is just one way or another to express How JDM are you. You can create songs, drawings, write poetry, tape a video, serious or funny content, anything you want. We give you full freedom for your imagination. As long as it is in ENGLISH.

About the prizes? Original design stickers on the development and production studio automotodeco.com will award three most original participants with shopping vouchers worth 10€ for buying yourself something from automotodeco.com online shop.

Write your ideas and material under this post in comment area. Make sure you write down your E-mail so we can find you if you win the prize.
UPDATE:Competition ends on 1st of March 2010, so hurry up and make sure YOU get the hot vouchers.

Good luck!


EVO X on Volk TE37 rims


Perfect combo, super clean white Mitsubishi EVO X with blue Volks TE37. Sexiest EVO X I’ve ever seen for sure. Ready for racing, ready for posing.

Nothing is missing and everything is just in the right place. Just gorgeous :)

 Evo X Volk TE37 EVO X volk te37 2 EVO X Volk TE37__

Jan 30, 2010

Godzilla R34 V-spec and EVO IX


2 monsters from UK! V-spec Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R on Volks TE37 and Mitsubishi EVO IX. Couple of boosted monsters, I couldn’t decide which one to have in my garage… Both of them would be the best way:) Godzilla for track-days and EVO IX for touge racing?

What about you? Skyline vs. EVO? Type your choice in the comment area below…

  R35 GTR Skyline + EVO IX MR2__R35 GTR Skyline + EVO IX MR2R35 GTR Skyline + EVO IX MR2_

Jan 29, 2010

Impreza pulling a truck on snow


How in the world can a "little" (compared to a truck) Subaru Impreza pull a truck on Russian snow where traction is something you always miss? I know AWD and stuff, but it's hard to believe without seeing it.

Jan 28, 2010

Win a R35 GT-R from YoParts!


For all the GT-R fans who don’t have one in their garage, here is your chance to win one from YOPARTS.com. And it’s gonna be tuned already >:)

Good luck!

Jan 27, 2010

S15 Silvia on Gram Lights rims


Check out those Titanium Gram Lights Pro on S15 Silvia. Racing rainbow shiny rims designed by RAYS, like many of high-class JDM rims.

Would you? I definitely would.

 Silvia S15 gram lights 57 pro 1 Silvia S15 gram lights 57 pro 3 Silvia S15 gram lights 57 pro 4Silvia S15 gram lights 57 proSilvia S15 interior 5

Jan 26, 2010

Black Impreza STI on Work Emotion rims


All-black monster. Looks like a bomber ready to blast! Imprezas loook evil as hell with black body and rims and those Emotion Works are just perfect for a mean machine like this.
black impreza sti black impreza sti 2

Jan 25, 2010

Skyline R35 stolen rims


And you thought YOU had a bad morning… I’m sorry for even posting this, I’ll break your heart with this post. Sorry :)

Damn thieves, hope they get what they deserve! And sorry to owner, hope new rims got protection on lug nuts.

nissan r35 stolen rimsgt-r stolen rims skyline stolen rims  skyline stolen skyline stolen rims r35

Jan 23, 2010

350Z on Takata green Volks TE37


Love it or hate it, there’s no middle way opinion about rims in Takata green color. Takata Green Volk TE37 rims really stand out on Nissan 350z. Stock Z looks kinda smooth classy comfort car, just with Takata Green Volks, immediately that line is broken and JDM racing look is here.

Gotta love it:)

Takata green Volk TE37  350Z Nissan Takata Green Takata green Volks 350ZVolk TE37 Takata Green

Jan 22, 2010

Drifting Lessons with Keiichi Tsuchiya


If you just bought your first RWD car and you want to do it in Keiichi -Drift King- Tsuchiya style, this video is just made for you. The Drift Bible by Best Motoring. It's an old video but still top drifting tutorial of them all.

Tsuchiya shows you 6 drifting techniques, for beginners or advanced drifters.
-Hand brakes
-Shift Lock
-Power Over
-Accelerator Off

Probably top sold drifting tutorial video of all time. It's not a surprise at all, it's from the man who started it all, one and only Keiichi Tsuchiya. This 2 videos aren't the whole package, but it's a start!


Jan 21, 2010

Sick Impreza STI on Volk TE37


This STI looks ready to roll! I knew i saw it somewhere before. I posted photos of it a long time ago, but I got confused by these Volk TE37 rims on it. When I first adored this photo shots, that STI was standing on Advan RS rims - here –. Still one of sexiest Impreza’s I’ve ever seen!
This photos were made before that Impreza got Advanized:) For complete list of modifications, check the nasioc forum. Enjoy this monster:)
Impreza STI Volk TE37 Impreza STI police Impreza Subaru STI Volks Impreza Volk rims
pics via:Christopher Gifford

Jan 20, 2010

EG6 on Volk ECO rims


Yesterday I found some crazy photo shots made by Bobby “riceboy” Wharton. I must say he really has an eye for car photography and I’m glad he prefers JDM cars to work with.

Check his photos on his flickr page -here-. From all of them I enjoy this EG6 the most. Standing on Volk ECO rims, beautiful photo shots and perfect hot-hatch!

Volks ECO rims on EG6Volk ECO EG6 Civic EG6 Civic Honda back JDM EG6 Volk rims

Jan 18, 2010

WRC Impreza performance on snow


Snow and racing. Wild combination, no grip and no traction (I know, I broke my front front rim a week ago:)

I posted a comparison video some time ago between stock Subaru Impreza STI and Impreza STI WRC version. It was something for imagine the difference, but what do the experts say about WRC Impreza performance? Here’s an old video of WRC champion Tommi Makinen as a guest in Touge Showdown Special, driving around Keiichi Tsuchiya, Nobuteru Taniguchi and Manabu Orido. See what they have to say about it.
This time with subs! Thanks to GTchannel

Jan 17, 2010

Forman performance STI


Forman Performance Subaru Impreza STI posing on a race track and in front of their store… Best way to attract costumers. Their site is under construction as i write this, check them out in a while on formanperformance.net

Forman Performance Impreza STIImpreza STI Forman

Jan 16, 2010

Mugen NR rims on EG6


Civic EG6 on polished Mugen NR wheels. Still perfect, although EGs are 15+ years old, it must be the sexiest shape of all hot-hatches ever in the world. At least I believe that:) True JDM styled army-green color and polished rims, can’t get better than that. I wonder what is hiding under the hood?Mugen NR EG6 Civic  pic via:digitaldk

Jan 15, 2010

Integra DC5 posing couple


What’s sexier than photo shoot of one Honda Integra DC5? I know…
Photo shoot of TWO Integras DC5. On Hasback’s webpage there are some of my favorite photos, I know you can find some of them for your taste as well. Sexy monsters and sexy photos. Camera really loves those DC5s, like random Hasback’s photos –here-.
Enjoy the pictures!
Two Integra DC5 photoshot Integra DC5 pictures JDM DC5 Honda Integra pictures White Integra side White DC5 back Integra DC5 interior Integra DC5 Photos

Jan 14, 2010

Beauty EK9 on Super Advan SA3 rims


Stock and clean beautiful JDM Civic EK9 on Super Advan SA3 rims! Besides EG6, EK9 is my favorite hot-hatch of them all. Too bad there aren’t more of them on streets, at least there aren’t many on ours. Why didn’t Honda made LHD EK9s as well? Mystery:)
Enjoy the pictures, damn those 3-star Advans rock!
Super Advan SA3 EK9  Super Advan SA3 HondaIn a company with Integra DC2 on Volks
Super Advan SA3

Jan 13, 2010

Tripple Supra burnout


That is called vandalism on a gas station:) Supras in action!

Supra burnout gas station

Jan 12, 2010

Accord on Volk TE37 rims


Perfect limo Honda Accord (oops, I mean Acura) and perfect photo shots. So nice and clean, can’t get better than that. OEM bumpers and side skirts, Volks TE37 look perfect like they are made especially for that Accord, the best!

Beautiful photos are taken by CRS-foto, check more photo shots on flickr!

Accord Volk TE37 side photo

Accord front Volk TE37 blue   Accord Acura Volks TE37 backgrey Accord shot  Accord Honda engineHonda Accord Volks TE37Blue Volk TE37

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