Mar 3, 2010

Drifting with AE86 Hachiroku


Photos of Hachirokus are the best, when Hachis are caught in action. True oldschool monsters, who are just made to drift! It’s the most popular JDM hot-hatch tuner cars in US, and it is for a reason. Through years it became an icon of JDM drifting cars.

AE86 hachiroku action AE86 hachiroku in action

Young Keiichi Tsuchiya

I’m sure you know who made Toyotas AE86 (and also whole JDM racing scene) so popular, of course it’s Keiichi Tsuchiya-san - the Drift King. Do you recognize him from this picture?

Oldschool photo shot :D


Mauricio said...

Nice Post man! Indeed the Hachi Roku is one hell of a car to drift despite the age. I got one and still kick some 455 with it. And great blog, check out mine

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