Aug 12, 2009

Super 2000: Honda Integra DC5 vs Civic EK9


Another racing video, this time from Super 2000. Thumbs down for DC5 driver, this isn't racing, it's bullshit what is he doing. Crashed EK9 was still catching that retarded DC5 driver, until he got what he deserved, again tried to block EK9, but no success at the end.

Aug 11, 2009

Espirit NSX Racing on track


Espirit NSX Turbo tested by Keiichi Tsuchiya for Best Motoring.
Power Output 520PS
Suspension: HKS
Tires: Bridgestone Potenza F: 235/40/R17 R: 265/35/R18

Aug 9, 2009

White beauty S13 Nissan Silvia with Volk Takata


Just a couple of shots by Big C Photography. You can find more of his photos at myspace... Nissan Silvia S13 with Volk TE37 rims. Color: Takata Green

Aug 8, 2009

Tuned Oldschool Honda Civic 1st generation


Oldschool car I'd love to have. 1st generation of Honda Civic which was produced between 1972 and 1979. Not many of those left, especially not tuned-ones. Lots of Mugen parts, I wonder if weight is correct (400kg?). Honda sure knew how to make cars even in 80s=)
Cubic displacement: 1276cc
Bore and stroke: 73 X 76 mm
Power output: 160 hp a 8500 rpm
Compression ratio: 11,5:1
Torque: 13,8 kgm a 6800 rpm
4 Keihin CR 35 carburetor
Water cooled with separated oil cooler
Spark plugs: NGK 216 Mugen spl
Mugen camshaft
Mugen oil pump
Mugen pistons
Mugen water pump
Mugen crankshaft
Mugen-Showa suspension
BBS magnesium rims
Mugen stabilizer
Weight 400 kg
Max speed: 230 km/h (in order to gear)

Aug 6, 2009

Fujita Engineering Mazda RX-7 FD3S AFFLUX ver.5 bodykit


AFFLUX ver.5 is the best looking bodykit for RX-7 FD3S i've ever seen. Fujita Engineering's FD3S is one of my top favorite JDM tuner cars. Boosted rotary engine, creating sick noise, it's one of the ultimates cars for touge runs. I posted a Fujita Engineering FD3S video from Best Motoring Hot Version quite some time ago, enjoy the pictures.

Aug 5, 2009

RE30 VOLK rims on Honda Integra


Couple of USDM Honda Integra looking good. Pictures by Ray Chan. White Integra sitting on Volk RE30 rims, black on OEM ITR. With JDM front-end conversion, those Integras would be pure porn!

Techno Toy's Corolla AE86 with F20C Swap


Toyota Hachi-Roku with Honda's F20C engine? That's right, complete swap with all the accessories taken out from Honda S2000 and installed to AE86. Video from Hot Version: US Touge, Keiichi Tsuchiya and Manabu Orido are impressed. Car didn't make it to final because it has no LSD installed.

Aug 3, 2009

Hot photos: Silver 350Z on Volk rims


Nice pictures of Nissan 350Z on Volk TE37 rims. Can't get better than this, black rooftop and silver bottom, pure porn! Pictures by Elohite photography.

Aug 2, 2009

Civic EG6 and Corolla KE70 having fun on touge


Public road, Tougeking does it in his honda Civic EG6 with camera on-board. Visit his blog for his touge videos;)

Aug 1, 2009

Greece: Tsiki's EVO 8 sick acceleration 0-300Kph


Sick Mitsubishi EVO 8 acceleration by owner Tsiki from Greece. I haven't found any specs of this EVO on net, but it's sure it's a real monster. 0-300 Kph in just 26 seconds! Nice warning: don't try this at home, I bet you wouldn't.
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