Jun 30, 2009

Subaru Impreza Sti by Tristatetuners


I found some pictures of Subaru Impreza Sti at Tristatetuners... WOW is all I can say. Surely Photoshoped picture, but who cares, I just love it. Hope to have something like this in my garage some day, I would sleep in garage for sure. Advan RS rims are the last piece of perfection.

Jun 26, 2009

Spoon Sports NSX-R


Spoon Sports NSX-R with HKS GT3087 Pro Turbo. Boosted Queen of NA cars... like selling a soul to devil. Driver Keiichi Tsuchiya can handle any beast on the track.

Jun 25, 2009

NA Cars Battle - 10000rpm @ Ebisu


Best Motoring: Battle at 10.000 rpm. Battle of NA cars.
Shinichi Yamaji: 1.3L 160hp G-force City
Shunei Kawasaki: 2.0L B18C spec-R 240hp SS Works CRX
Naoki Hattori: 2.0L 260hp Spoon S2000 Super Taikyu Model - group N
Nobuteru Taniguchi: 2.0L 250hp Redline Lexus Altezza Super Taikyu Model - group N
Manabu Orido: 2.1L b18c spec-R 246hp JUN auto EK Civic
Keiichi Tsuchiya: 3.2L 340hp Esprit NSX

Jun 24, 2009

Ayrton Senna driving NSX-R at Suzuka, Japan


Ayrton Senna, a legendary Brazilian professional racer, testing at that time- new Honda NSX-R at Suzuka race track.

Ayrton Senna (1960-1994) was quick and aggressive driver, with 3 titles of Formula 1 champion. He won 41 out of 162 F1 races.
He died in Imola F1 race in 1994, when he tragically lost grip in a corner, crashed into a wall at high speed. Although I was 7 years old, I remember that day, sitting with my dad on a couch, watching TV... Still remember tears of everyone at that race and I won't forget ever my dad's words, when he sait that F1 lost the greatest driver there ever was and will be. And many people still believe that Senna really was the greatest of all times.

Jun 23, 2009

Kismo's Nissan R34 GTR


R34 in my opinion best looking model of all. Kismo's 800bhp monster does 0-300Kph under 20seconds! I posted a video ofR34 acceleration some time ago;)

Fujita Engineering FD3S RX-7 Touge


Fujita Engineering RX-7 is a monster I posted a video about it.
Here are some nice pictures of Fujita Engineering RX7 on touge race, looks really hot, boosted rotary engine sounds dangerously serious.

Jun 22, 2009

HKS GT570 Kit on Nissan Skyline GT-R 35


Top Racing installing HKS GT570 Kit on Nissan R35 GT Skyline. Dyno run shows acceleration with perfect grip, sounds like heaven.

Japanese girls drifting - JDM Insider


JDM Insider:Respect to drifting girls, some of them even have children. How cool is a kid with mom who's got drifting skills?
-My mom makes the best pancakes
-My mom makes the best apple pie
-Well my mom does an one-hand 180 turn drifting any time

Jun 21, 2009

Toyota Supra Concept


Still can't get that promised new V10 Toyota Supra out of my head... What a beauty car of future it would be, that's just 2 bad.

via: Ridelust

Nissan 240SX Formula D


Nice picture I found at Importtuner of Nissan 240SX drifting at Formula D Championship

Jun 20, 2009

Racing Takata toilet seat


Now this is pure addiction to racing and JDM scene... JDM toilet with Takata seat belts and Honda R sign:))

Mazda MX5 dyno?


Isn't that a rear wheel drive car?:) Epic fail



Yeah, fuck off:)

Jun 19, 2009

Mazda RX7 flying crash at top speed


Breaking a top speed record. Rear spoiler increases air resistance and top speed, but it also decreases downforce and grip, so car can fly... Crash happened at 330 Kph (205 Mph)

New FN2 Mugen Civic Type R coming to U.K. market


Rumors say good stuff is coming in U.K., Mugen version of new Honda Civic Type R FN2.
Very good news for all Civic Type R enthusiasts. They are mostly disappointed with current CTR FN2 for EU market. Bad stability caused by bad rear suspension setup. For saving production costs, Honda decided to install torsion bar for it's OEM FN2, it turned out to be a big mistake... JDM Civic Type R FD2 is better in every way., not to even mention it's Mugen version FD2R.
Looks like Honda bosses are starting to worry for Europeans, so U.K will get FN2 tuned by Mugen Japan. Engine will probably be the same as in JDM Civic Mugen RR with 240 bhp.
Now the bad news: Mugen will only make 100 pieces of FN2 and the price about £40000 is not cheap at all.
Mugen always does the best job with Honda, we can aspect interior with hot carbon fiber accessories, brutal exterior and improved performance in every way, but all the secrets will be revealed in the next couple of months, stay tuned for more news.

Jun 17, 2009

Comptech Honda NSX @ Willow Springs


Hot Version International 2007
NSX tuned by US Comptech. US tuners are known for their use of superchargers, unlike NA tuning that is mainstream in Japan.
Comptech specifications:
engine swap: Honda C32B (290hp in stock condition)
Comptech mods: Custom Supercharger, 3.0L head, headers, exhaust, Pro Shock suspension, brake kit and 4.23 final drive in 6-speed transmission.
Out of 6 US tuners, Comptech NSX got maximum points from drivers Tsuchiya and Orido although lap time 1:05:00 wasn't the best. But respect to Comptech guys, perfect setup of suspension on mid-engine car is the hardest.

Jun 16, 2009

Amateur Subaru Legacy jumps 82 feet, 89 feet shorter than Ken block


Amateur vs professional : Idea-reaction-done-in-5 minutes vs Months-of-preparation
Subaru Legacy 2.2 4wd from Slovenia "flies" 82 feet (25m) through air. Ken Block wanna be people:)

But they are still about 89 feet shorter than Ken block himself...

Spoon Sports Civic EF9


Tatsuru Ichishima, owner of Spoon Sports brought their old Honda Civic EF9 to Best Motoring test. Drivers Tsuchiya and Hattori were skeptical about ages of that EF9, but bottom line of test was that performance of Spoon EF9 is impressive, especially handling and balance. In a fact, time lap of Civic was close to Civic Type R lap time. Many old cars can surprise by their performance and power, as long as they are properly tuned.

Jun 15, 2009

Ricey crap


In my opinion some of the ricest Japan cars I have ever seen. I don't know what they do, their job is probably plowing fields on a countryside with that bumpers. Local kids must have nightmares because of those cars. It's funny how spoilers should improve handling and down-force of car... but it ain't happening here. Plus those 300 kilos of home made plastic must have really bad influence on acceleration.
But hey, laughter is healthy and when you see that kind of car roaring with super-duper-2pipes-rear-muffler-fart-can-look-at-me-i'm-a-racer, don't say you don't smile:)
EK or EJ... something

Poor EG :(

Eclipse with stickers of "hardcore" trademarks on doors... Trademarks of "hardcore" parts this Eclipse never had:s

pic source: http//www.anti-rice.com

Jun 14, 2009

Honda Integra DC2 in trashes


I hope this is a joke. Honda Integra DC2 in trashes, looks a fine chassis to me, I really hope it's a Photoshope edited image :s

My ex Civic ED7 4th generation Hatchback


Pictures of my ex 91' Civic ED7 I found on my computer, too bad the dreams about b18 or k20 swap never came true...

If I ever finished my project with ex ED7, it would look close to this JDM EF9, but of course with b18c or K20. Super light weight of Civic HB 4th generation makes perfect platform for tuning project!
Even in nowadays, check out testing of tuned Civic EF9 by Spoon Sports and see how it handles!

Veilside Mazda RX-7 FD3S


Video of Veilside FD3S RX-7 accelerating on a small road. 650bhp produced by rotary engine with HKS turbo. Car runs a 1/4 mile dragrace in 9sec class.

Jun 13, 2009

JDM Insider : Illegal Street Drifting in Japan


Nice report of Japan drifters, abusing public road for having fun drift times. JDM Insider is a collection of videos about JDM tuning scene in Japan. A view to JDM enthusiast's lifestyle and their passion in car tuning world.

Jun 12, 2009

S2000 touge battle: Amuse S2300 GT1 vs J's Racing S2000


Great battle of two top modded JDM Hondas S2000. J's Racing vs Amuse.

Tsuchiya in Amuse S2300 lost the battle, but is this the ultimate final test? J's Racing S2000 has advantage of better gear ration (final drive), Amuse maybe choose wrong tires and too big wheels... but who knows

Jun 9, 2009

Epic Honda Fails


I don't understand. this are all fails, what NOT to do with your Honda. Mixed Civic, S2000, Del Sol, Integra... Why destroying beautiful stock cars with soul and make this kind of crap?

Integra or DelSol?

Nice looking S2000?...

...I don't think so...

Civic EG mixed with S2000 parts... looks like albino rat on wheels to me

Amuse S2300 track test by Keiichi Tsuchiya


Amuse company continues building an ultimate S2000 for the track. This is Amuse S2300 GT1 car. Amuse increased bore and stroke on original F20C engine, that's why it's an S2300. It produces 289 horsepower. Track test by Keiichi Tsuchiya, the Drift King.

In a video we see Hideki Tanabe, founder of Powerhouse Amuse. Tanabe-san died on 20th of September 2008 after a hard battle with health. Memory will live on forever in his cars, he will forever be an icon, legend of JDM tuning scene. Rest in peace.

Honda Civic EG6 with K20 swap


Another video of K20 powered Honda Civic EG6. K20 engine coming out of Civic Type R is stock in video, but still dissing a 03' Mitsubishi Evo VIII on highway acceleration. Race on the touge or circuit would bring different result. Grip and handling aren't crucial in a flying start in a straight line.

Jun 8, 2009

eudm Honda DC2 vs EP3 trackday race Grobnik, Croatia


Hondas track day at Grobnik, Croatia in 2007. On board camera: Integra DC2 having fun with another DC2 and Civic Type R EP3.

Jun 7, 2009

Keiichi Tsuchiya drifting with a police car


Hot Version International vol 21
Keiichi Tsuchiya giving police officers some driving lessons, including drifting with a police car. I'd love to see police chasing bad guys on road and using the drift skills. It would be a real police vs bad guys touge race:)

Jun 6, 2009

Honda Civic b16a2 with turbo


Another video of Civic b16a2 turbo acceleration, this time running at 10Psi if you believe:) Seems to me acceleration is too fast for 10psi, although it depends very much on the turbine itself, but still. Don't mind the "engine check" light. It's settled as a shift-light. It's a option that appears in Hondata ECU tuning, you can set a light to remind you when to shift gear, depends on your wishes and how fast your car revs, somewhere around 500 revs before redline is standard:)

Honda Civic b18c engine and GT35/40 Turbo


Crazy acceleration with boosted b18c Civic. Spinning wheels even at high speed, but oh, what a turbo lag:)
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