Mar 12, 2010

Voltex aero kit on S2000


Evasive S2000 equipped with prototype of Voltex aero kit and Volks RE30 rims. It’s a street class monster, although it doesn’t look street legal at all. Brutal shapes and design, this S2000 is just made for racing, as it proved with ending on 1st place in finals of Buttonwillow CW13 Config Superlap battle.

Tein suspentions, Volks RE30 rims, AP breaking system with Project Mu 999 pads and Voltex aerodynamic kit are some of the most important swapped components on Evasive S2000, tuning of that S2000 is going to be harder with every new year. Can’t improve perfection.

Anyway, I got only this one picture, the rest of them you’ll just have to find on Sean Klingelhoefer’s blog. You sure won’t regret it, because he’s a guru of awesome photography. You can find link to his blog any time on my blogroll list.

S2000 Voltex Aero


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