Feb 28, 2010

Works VS-XX on Lexus IS-F


V.I.P. Lexus IS-F showing off on the parking lot. Those attractive 3 piece Work VS-XX rims seem to go just perfect along with luxury coupes and sedans. Definitely one of the top choices for Lexus IS-F although gold ones would look better I think:)

Work VS-XX Lexus IS-F Lexus IS-F Work VS-XX

Feb 27, 2010

Impreza STI + EVO on snow


Subaru Impreza STI vs. EVO 8 in their natural environment.

Finally winter time is running out, at least in my city. I envy owners of AWD cars, especially Subaru Impreza or Mitsubishi EVO owners, who probably had so much fun during the winter. With my fwd EG6 on snow, I can just drive slower than my grandma on Sundays.

I hope you all had fun this winter and I wish I join AWD club sometime soon in a few years:)

It’s a question that never ends, but which one goes with your your style?

EVO VIII snow Impreza STI snow

Feb 26, 2010

Impreza WRX on Works


Impreza WRX on Work VS-XX rims. Really special rims for JDM monster.

Impreza Work VS-XX

Feb 25, 2010

Skyline battle


R34 GTR vs R32 GTR in a battle. Icons of JDM “heavyweight” boosted monsters, legends of tuning industry since 1989, the start of first R32 Skyline production:)

r34 vs r32 GTR

Feb 24, 2010

Impreza WRC brakes


Nice presentation from Eurosport. What makes Impreza WRC better than stock Impreza STI? Most crucial are suspensions and brakes. Those steel brakes are worth of gold.

Feb 23, 2010

Volk TE37 on NSX


I’m buried in work these days,almost no spare time left for blogging, but I try my best lol :)

Shiny Acura NSX with white TE37 Volks just for you. Enjoy!

NSX white Volk TE37 red NSX Volk TE37

Feb 22, 2010



Another comparison of JDM and EUDM Civic Type R. This time from Best Motoring, the real experts.

FN2 vs FD2, it you watched Fifth Gear comparison of that 2 cars, you know the winner already.

Feb 20, 2010

AE86 drifting x4


What’s better than tripple AE86 drift? More of Toyota Hachirokus at once, the better it is, especially with hands up. I wonder how much repeats they had to take for this shot?

AE86 drifting x4

Feb 19, 2010

Lexus IS250 on Work Emotions


Style of a movie star, Lexus IS250 just for you. Can’t believe how a good styling (lower springs and Work Emotion rims) can make that perfect stock in a gorgeous high-class monster. Bottle of champagne and what else? :)

 Lexus IS250 frontLexus is250 back Lexus IS250 side Work Emotions

Feb 18, 2010

How JDM are you?


Only 10 days remaining till the end of HOW JDM ARE YOU contest. Make it quick, earn your free vouchers from automotodeco.com today!

All you have to do is to tell or show us HOW JDM ARE YOU and you can earn voucher for 10€ along with 2 other contestants. Be innovative!

Here's example from Paulius and Mindaugas from Lithuania, they are in current lead at 1st place, can you do better or get to 2nd or 3rd? Don't forget, competition finishes on 28th of February 2010!

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S2000 burning in flames


Burned Honda S2000 :( Anybody else feels pain in heart looking at these pictures?

Bad tuning?

S2000 in flames s2000 fire s2000 burning burned f20c

Feb 17, 2010

CRX with Mugen RNR


Just an oldschool CRX ready for racing. That green shade really looks awesome, CRX was my wish when I was a kiddo and this color would be one of the most possible choices for sure!

Mugen RNR rims, Mugen bumpers and sideskirts, Bride seats and a roll cage. Damn I’m so curious what is hidden behind the hood, but I really don’t know where I got these photos. If anyone knows, please share it:)


Feb 16, 2010

F20C in EG6


If you thought Hot-Hatch Civic EG6 can’t drift, you were wrong! F20C engine from Honda S2000 installed in EG6 chassis, along with it’s 6-gear manual transmission. And it’s balanced really good as well! Nice drifting, and respect for the F20 project in EG6!

Feb 15, 2010

Flying Honda


Only at Thunderhill Raceway. 5th turn is like a jumping rampage, ideal place to go outer space or just crash off the road.

I think Delsol wins the day, I wouldn’t do that with my EG6:)

EG6 flying delsol flying Integra flying

Feb 14, 2010

Skyline R35 wallpaper


Skyline R35 GTR by Powerhouse Amuse, that’s the wallpaper, that is currently on my desktop. Wallpapers are 1024 x 768, I’d rather have that GTR in my garage, but desktop is fine too :D

r35 gtr wallpaper amuse gtr wallpaper

Feb 13, 2010

Civic EK4 with Takata Green TE37


Yellow EK4 with EK9 front end posing on Takata green Volks TE37.

Feb 12, 2010

Advan RS on EVO X


Mitsubishi EVO X on Advan RS rims. Racing monster, you can take to a business meeting, and nobody would complain. EVO IX has more brutal shape, but there’s certainly a lot of magic in “civilian” EVO X.

Advan RS Mitsubishi EVO X

Feb 11, 2010

Tribute to JDM Racing Blog


Just a little tribute video to this blog. Doesn’t look PRO level, but I have spent a few hours making it:) I know, n00b:)

All the pictures are on this blog, maybe someone will like it. Audio: Evanescence – Bring me to life. Enjoy!

Feb 10, 2010

Mugenized Integra DC2 (LHD) for sale!


This monster is for sale and comes from Slovenia. I’ll let the pictures and specs talk for themselves. It was OEM Integra Type R at the start, but the Mugen project has soon begun. For sure it is the TOP Honda Integra Type R DC2 in Slovenia and far way around. Only 1600km driven with 270hp B20b engine, this monster is as close to a brand new car as it can get. If you’re interested, contact owner Mitja Ferlic (IntegraJDM) through .si JDM forum, or type your question in comment area below, I’ll be happy to forward questions to him.

Engine Interios&Exterior Handling, rims & tires  
B20b JDM DC2 front end Mugen Active Gate Brakes  
Endyne Pistons Mugen Front Bumper Mugen Front Strut Bar  
Crower Rods Mugen Sideskrts Mugen Rear Strut Bar  
Full Ported Head Mugen Hood Mugen Full Bushing Set  
Skunk2 Stage3 Camshafts Mugen 2nd Gen Wing Tein Flex COILOVERS  
Skunk2 Titanium retainers Mugen Fuel Cap Mugen MF-10 rims 16*7  
Supertech Dual Valve Springs Kit Honda Door Visor’s Dunlop DZ101 215/45/16  
Supertech Valves Mugen S1 Seat Yokohama A048 225/45/16  
BuddyClub Racing Spec Cam Pully Mugen Seat Rail Kit Mugen Forged Black Lug Nuts  
TWM ITB’s Mugen Steering Wheel    
RC 440cc Fuel Injectors Mugen Pedal Kit    
HyTech Header Mugen Clusters    
Custom made Exhaust Mugen Shift Knob    
EXEDY Stage 1 Cerametallic Clutch Kit JDM Type R Shift boot    
Mocal oil cooler JDM ITR Clock Cover    
NGK Platinum Spark plugs DEFI Oil Press Gauge    
Moroso Oil Pan DEFI Oil Temp Gauge    
Samco Hoses ALPINE CDE-9881R    
Cusco Brake Stopper      
Tegiwa Engine Damper      
Mugen Engine Mounts      
Mugen Oil Cap      
Mugen Reservoir Cover      
Mugen Integra   Mugen Integra

Mugen MF-10 rims Mugen MF-10 rims

Mugen Integra Interior Mugen seat Takata belt

Mugen CF Hood Mugen Integra Hood

R34 vs AE86 @ Gunsai Touge


Battle of two giants, Keiichi DK Tsuchiya and Nobuteru Taniguchi. Battle of 2 legendary cars: Nissan Skyline R34 and Toyota Corolla AE86 Hachi-roku.

Can a little NA Hachi-roku keep it up with boosted monster Skyline R34? Battle on the ultimate racing area- Touge.

Feb 9, 2010

Pink rims on Impreza WRX Wagon


Another pinky-wheeled Impreza. Only thing that’s missing is HelloKitty sticker on front bumper.

That’s what happens when your wife wears the pants in your house :)


Feb 8, 2010

WRC Impreza Wallpapers


Just a few wallpapers of all three generations of Subaru Impreza STI WRC rally version – in action. Some prefer old classic look, some of you newer Imprezas. If you’re WRC enthusiast, check some other WRC shots!

Monster all wheel drive Imprezas, who rocked the WRC championships, made their way to become a legendary sport cars. Enjoy!

1st gen. Impreza WRCSubaru Impreza WRC Wallpaper 12nd gen. Impreza WRCSubaru Impreza WRC Wallpaper 2 3rd gen. Impreza WRCSubaru Impreza WRC Wallpaper 3

Feb 7, 2010

Lambo doors…


So played out, what’s the point of them anyway? Hittin on girls? My lil sis at the age of SIX knows what is Lambo :)


Feb 6, 2010

Silvia S15 with Volks GT-C series


JDM Silvias just love parking houses for photoshoots every since Tokyo Drift movie was released. It’s a perfect place for beautiful photos. Although movie is a sci-fi, you gotta be honest, tuning became more mainstream since Tokyo Drift came to cinemas.

This Silvia S15 with Volk GT-C rims was photoshooted by Chris Brasher check his blog for more of his gorgeous photos.


Feb 5, 2010

Mugen RNR on Civic EF9


Civic EF on Mugen RNR rims, another oldschool hot-hatch. It was the first Civic model that had VTEC B series installed. B16 after 20 years still popular among tuners because of it’s potential in tuning and reliability. Japanese really know how to build an engine, although oldschool body shapes and designs might not be popular in mainstream, JDM enthusiasts know it’s classic and they love it:)

Must say I regret they don’t produce cars like this any more. With 150 stock horsepower engine isn’t productive like some monsters, but 900kg lightweight body is something that new cars don’t have any more. Check out the potential of an old EF9 like this: Spoon Sports Civic EF9 video. Enjoy!

Mugen RNR Civic EF9 3 Mugen RNR Civic EF9 4 Mugen RNR Civic EF9 1 Mugen RNR Civic EF9 2Mugen RNR Civic EF9
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