Apr 29, 2010

DC2 Recaro


Brutal tractor. Too bad Mugen doesn’t produce 30+ inched rims, they would suit perfectly :)


R35 GTR fun on snow


Kids must have fun, but don’t try this at home.


Apr 28, 2010

Oldschool CR-X


Mugenized first generation of legendary CR-X (1984-1987) with Mugen MR5 rims. Another legendary Honda that made name to Honda Co.

Mugen-CRX- Mugen-CRX Mugen-CR-X

Apr 27, 2010

Takata green CE28N Volks & S2K


Yellow beauty with Takata Green CE28N Volk rims posing just for you. Honda should reconsider about stop producing S2000, they’re just too beautiful and unique! The last RWD Honda that was left. It lasted in production for 10 years without competition in it’s class. Rumors have been saying something about designing new S2000 with V6 engine… but even if they were 100% true, it would never be the same good old S2K.

Apr 26, 2010

350Z & TE37 Volks


Just some random pictures of Nissan 350Z on Volk TE37 rims with polished edges.

I’m having a lack of time these days due to holidays and birthday celebration, so better times will come for JDM RACING BLOG soon. :D  have fun.


Apr 24, 2010

STI almost runs drives spectators


What a luck, WRC championship sometimes reminds on Group B championship, when scenes like that were on every race. Really lucky spectators, they got driver’s dirt signature all over themselves! That’s a bad side of racing…

Apr 22, 2010

Wingless EVO IX


Stock Lancer EVO IX with hot Advan RG rims. White rims on white EVO, something to wet dream about.

Apr 21, 2010

In memorial of Atsushi Kuroi


Tribute video to drifting legend Kuori-san, who has tragically passed away in February this year due to motorcycle crash.

Atsushi lived to race, driving in WRC was his primary dream, but some circumstances made him fall in love in drifting scene. He competed in D1GP championship since beginning of it in 2001. Being a Drift king in many people’s eyes, he made impression with his style anywhere he drove.

Another video Atsushi Kuori in D1GP action with S13 Silvia. Amazing angle, reminds on Kawabata's drifting angle.


Apr 20, 2010



Mitsubishi EVO IX flying through air. Spectacular jump by Aleksandr Saluk from Ukraine happened this weekend on WRC Rallly Turkey. Amazing how well WRC monsters are built, imagine this action with any stock car, they would definitely crash into pieces. But amazingly WRC EVO survives and carries it on with only 3 wheels left. Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 3WD, something you haven’t seen yet.

Don’t try this at home like these people flying with Subaru.

Apr 19, 2010

Highway Skylines


Nice photoshoped picture, Skylines taking down the highway. Bosses in front of course:)


Apr 18, 2010

End of Honda Type R FD2


Rumors came true. Honda Motors Company announced end of manufacturing one of the best FWD NA cars on the planet, Civic FD2 Type R. Low mileage and high gasoline prices are claiming their tax in car industry and CTR is reaching it’s end after 13 years and 3 generations of Civic.

Production will end by the end of this summer, for now it will only effect Japanese FD2, while European FN2 will remain in production. With ending of NSX, Integra, S2000 and JDM CTR, Euro CTR remains the only sporty Honda from Type R class.

source: 47 news


Apr 17, 2010

Skyline R35 on Volks Wallpaper


I can’t get enough of R35 wallpapers! I can never decide which one I like the most, Amuse, Budez, or any other GT-R R35. Volk GT30 rims make it just perfect.


pics via: automotionphoto

Apr 15, 2010

Ukrainian drifting madness


Great video and great cars, something for your soul:)

Apr 13, 2010

Silvia S13 T.R.A 6666 bodykit


Isn’t that the sexiest body kit for Silvia S13 ever? Unique style, this is what S13 should be. So aggressive, with 6666 Customs bodykit, S13 could be produced still in nowadays and it would be sold to the very last piece of it.

Silvia S13 TRA6666 S13 Silvia TRA6666 Silvia S13 TRA-6666

Apr 12, 2010

Nismo R34 GT-R


Four JDM Nismo R34 Skylines waiting for you. Which on is your style?

Nismo-r34-gtr r34-gtr-nismo

RX-7 racing in Group B


There are million reasons why Group B still raises dust and still is great to see in videos nowadays, although it was cancelled 14 year ago.

Group B started in 1982 with very few limitations. High tech materials were permitted, cars were as light as possible and there was no restriction on turbo boost pressure, so cars turned to have astronomical power output. It was also most dangerous competition in the history of rally championships. Spectators were watching races as near as possible to the road, very often they were standing in the middle of the road and moved away from the racing car last moment. Due to many deaths among drivers and spectators, Group B was cancelled after 4 years of existence and 1000hp rally cars became history and drivers became true heroes.

Video of Mazda RX-7 in action, crazy RWD monster, great respect to who ever could control this beast. If you think anything about electronic devices to help controlling the car… You can forget about it, those were low 90s:)

Apr 11, 2010

Dirty Impreza


Love mud and dirt? AWD Impreza is made for it. Off road fun can’t get bigger than that and carwash bills probably as well.

impreza-in-dirt impreza mud

Apr 10, 2010

R35 GT-R with AM wing


Found this wallpapers of Budez R35 GT-R with AeroMotions rear dynamic wing. For those who don’t know it; it’s ultra light electro controlled wing, which splits in the corner, to provide maximum downforce to the inside wheel. Many tests proved excellent function of AM wing, by shaving off seconds from lap times of stock R35 GT-R.

That weight transfer mechanism was presented on Nissan R381 in 1968, when it won Japanese Grand Prix, but that’s another story. You can see AeroMotions wing in action right after wallpapers!

Enjoy the wallpapers, first one is currently on my desktop, for a change for my old Amuse R35 desktop.

Apr 9, 2010

Work Emotion 11R on Impreza STI


The newest of STI class, Impreza GR sleeping on the newest… well not the newest but still fresh JDM Works 11R. 11 spoke designed rims in black color, aggressive enough to show that Impreza STI is a real deal!

Didn’t noticed I’ve been so much into Hondas these days, so it shall be few days without them to catch up :)

Apr 8, 2010

Takata Green rims on EP3


Some extra high resolution wallpaper just for you [2048 x 1365]. Great shots of K20 Civic EP3 Type R. 7th Civic generation doesn’t fit my taste at all, but with Takata Green stock Enkei rims and CF hood, my mind changes immediately. Nice!

takata green

takata green

found on: dynax

Apr 7, 2010

S2000 with Advan RG rims


Lowest S2000 I have ever seen. Hot combo of red chassis and gold Advan RG rims. Too bad it had to lost functionality for beauty, that thing is just too low!

Red S2000 Advan RG Red S2000 Advan RG Red S2000 Advan RG

Apr 6, 2010

HSV 010 GT meanest look


The ultimate monster that will never hit the roads. Except for the Super GT championship of course. But would be pure porn to see and hear it in traffic every day, especially at full throttle. HSV V8 sound is real music to ears.

Dopest racing monster ever!


Apr 5, 2010

Spying on enemy


Mitsubishi EVO X showing off in Subaru zone. More pics of that slammin EVO with Volk TE37.


Lowrider EK4


Just 2 low to function properly.

lowest ek4

Apr 3, 2010

Infiniti G35 with Works


Bippu styled Infiniti G35. Check out those black Work Meister S1 rims with polished edge, which suit perfectly on that V.I.P. coupe. 19 inched rims I believe, make me realize how perfect wheels affect whole look of a car. Can’t get better than that.

If this sick G35 makes your eyes pop out, check out another G35 on SSR wheels!

Infiniti-G35-Works-S1 Infiniti-G35-Works-S1 Infiniti-G35-Works-S1

Apr 2, 2010

FD2R at Suzuka Circuit


Honda Civic Mugen RR, one of the hottest NA FWD monsters on planet waiting to hit Suzuka Circuit.


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