Dec 13, 2009

HKS TRB02 EVO 8 Story


It was back in 2004 where Japan tuners gathered at Tsukuba Circuit to race in Video Option's 2004 Tsukuba Super Lap Challenge. HKS had Tsukuba circuit record that time (55 seconds flat), made by their HKS Lancer Evolution 8 Hypermax TRB02. This 552hp monster was built especially to break Tsukuba Circuit fastest tuner-car time. TRB literally means Tsukuba Record Breaker.

HKS EVO 8 TRB02 had a super-light body made of carbon fiber material. Bumpers, seat, wing, doors, bonnet, roof... it was all super light with crazy power/weight ratio. Interior of course specially designed for TRB Evo8 driver Nobuteru Taniguchi and his driving style; Takata seat-belt, Bride Zeta III CF seat, Chrono DB oil pressure meter... Sitting on gold Advan RG II racing wheels with Yokohama A048 (265-35-R18) tires, it was the meanest looking EVO ever.

HKS that day with driver Nobuteru Tanaguchi gave a lesson to other tuners what a CF bodied HKS tuned EVO8 can do, they broke their own record, setting a super-lap time 54,739 seconds. HKS had a few more runs, but tragedy happened after super-lap, brakes locked before corner and Taniguchi drove a car to the wall. Things like that happen when the car is driving on the edge of limit, I bet Taniguchi was looking for time in second range.

All the engine tuning parts are still available at HKS, so if you have about 100+k$ too much, you can build your own HKS TRB02 EVO 8 Hypermax.

Crash afterwards:

pic source: bushido81


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