Apr 6, 2009

Keiichi Tsuchiya the Drift King


Who is Keiichi Tsuchiya aka Drift King?

Born 30.1.1957, he is a professional racing driver known also as a Drift King because of his drifting skills and for making drift popular worldwide. He's also known for touge driving. He retired in 2004, he has a big career behind (Nascar, Le Mans, JGTC...) He is now a host of video magazine Best Motoring, where he tests new JDM cars, and a special magazine of tuned cars in a section called Hot Version.
Tsuchiya isn't like most of other racers which came from rich families with racing background and tradition, he gained his skills in underground street racing scene and made his way to the top.
He drives Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, known as Hachi-Roku in Japan.
Here are video of young Keiichi Tsuchiya, driving his Hachi-Roku in one of the first ever filmed touge and for this video Keiichi Tsuchiya got his driving license suspended in Japan back then. Enjoy the touge movie


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