Apr 30, 2009

Nissan Skyline GT-R34 Acceleration by Kismo


Acceleration of Kismo's tuned Nissan Skyline GT-R 34. 0-300Kph in just 19,55 seconds. Speedo is in Mph, so don't get confused:)
It has a 800hp and quartermile best result is 10,361 secs at 223,05 km/h

via: kismo.dk

Slovenia: Nissan 300zx Honda S2000 drift powersliding


Video of 2 Slovenians with Nissan 300zx and Honda S2000, powersliding near Slovenian capital Ljubljana, great video:)

Apr 29, 2009

Top Setup EG6 K20 swap


Top Setup EG6: K20a engine swap from Honda DC5, n/a tuned with JDM parts... It produces 220hp and it's 910kg light. Drivers are Keiichi Tsuchiya and Manabu Orido, US touge by Hot Version. Could this US tuned EG6 be better than JDM Spoon?

Apr 28, 2009



In my opinion, the best looking model of all 8 Civic generations. I own eudm eg6 myself. It was produced between 1992-1995 but still many people think it is the sexiest model of all Civics. That's why it's so popular for tuning in nowadays... With around 900kg of weight it's so light, it can do magic with n/a tuned b18c or K20 engine swap inside, or oem b16 + turbo for a boosted monster.
Originally it has 1.6L DOHC inline engine, 4 cylinders, Variable valve timing (Vtec), producing 160HP, red line of revs is at 8200rpm.
Stock EG6 is no good for racing, too much understeer, too soft springs and not enough fast acceleration, but it has a big tuning potential, with the right aftermarket suspension setup, tires, engine tuning or swap, shorter final drive, LSD,... it turns into a real little street racer. Options are unlimited.
pics via:

Apr 27, 2009

Nissan Skyline GT-R exhaust sound


Nissan gt-r33 skyline driving around, tuned to 650bhp, brutal sound, screamer pipe does the job:)

Darin's Toyota Supra E85 6-speed world record


Just Darin with his Toyota Supra, breaking a 1/4mile 6-speed Supras record with time of 8.55 at 171.5mph

Apr 25, 2009

Honda NSX Mugen RR Concept pictures


New V10 NSX project was canceled due to a finance crisis, but that doesn't stop Mugen to making their project with NSX-R.
Concept of Honda NSX Mugen RR was presented in Tokyo Auto Salon 2009. Honda bosses are very quiet about engine specifications and power, we can only judge from NSX Mugen RR aerodynamic shape that it's gonna be one hell of a race monster.
It's 4.52m long, 1.95m wide and 1.32m high, white exterior, red interior, carbon fiber accessories, looks perfect to me:) enjoy the pictures


Apr 24, 2009

JDM Civic Type R vs EUDM Civic Type R


JDM vs EUDM Civic Type R...
It's always the same. Cars for Japan market are way better and better tuned than pussy wagons for Europe market. Honda FD2R is just one of the Japan cars that doesn't come to Europe very easily, we only get our soft version of it: FN2.
Just like Europeans don't get Honda EK9, NSX-R, Nissan Silvia etc...
Here's a comparison of those 2 Civics Type R by Fifth Gear

Apr 21, 2009

Definition of Touge Battle Ghost battle, Sudden death, Straight up


Touge means pass, in JDM scene it refers to races on the mountain roads or any of the narrow, roads that can be found in Japan and other geographical similar areas.
We know 3 types of touge battles;
Sudden death - cat and mouse race
It's used when he road isn't wide enough to pass the opponent. Two cars start the race one behind another and a car in front must increase the gap between them to win a race. The second car must keep the gap or decrease it until the finish line to win the touge battle. If the first car gets passed, it automatically looses the race. Than they change positions and they race again...
Straight up
When the road is wide enough for cars to pass each other, they start the race in the same line and the first one through the finish line is the winner.
Ghost battle - Time attack
Cars don't drive together at the same time, they drive separately and they are timed from start to finish line and the one with better time is the winner.

Apr 20, 2009

what does JDM stand for: definition


JDM literally means Japanese Domestic Market. It stands for Japanese brands, in this case Japanese cars and car parts. JDM cars were limited by Gentleman's agreement to 280 horsepower and 180 Kph of top speed. Surely it didn't stop racers from tuning their cars and that's how Japanese tuning culture (which we call JDM nowadays) started to grow. Racers gathered on streets, race with their tuned cars in many ways, from drag racing, touge, to drift battles. This is how Japanese racers live for decades now... but
JDM scene itself started to grow somewhere in the middle of 90s in California and there's import scene. Those tuners became part of culture which stopped modding car's look with body kits, alien bumpers, 18-inch wheels and other cosmetic accessories, they focused on clean Japanese style look and improving performances. Every modification had it's purpose. Purpose of function, functionality. Inspiration came from Japanese racing cars and it still does nowadays, when most of cars modified this way are half racing cars. Cars you can go shopping with on Saturday morning, and do some touge racing in the evening.
JDM scene slowly moved through internet, import magazines... Tuning of daily-drive cars with purpose of function, Japanese parts and style are now called JDM cars. It's not just a fetish or a style. It became a whole culture of tuners with same idea of functionality.
Opposite of JDM tuned cars are ricers cars and RICE scene. No sign of performance upgrading, just alien bumpers, xenon lights, too big rims... They call it tuning, I call it retard.
JDM EG6 from tunerzine

Ken Block Impreza WRX Gymkhana Practice


This is Ken Block practicing with his 53whp Impreza WRX... a dream job everybody wants. This is a video of his ordinary practice

Apr 10, 2009

Top Secret v12 Supra


Top Secret is a project founded by Kazuhiko "Smoky" Nagata, he's been tuning cars for more than 10 years under the top Secret name. Inspired by olympic gold medal, all cars are painted gold.
Smovky is known by his wild stunts on highways, doing 350 kmph and more...
Here's a video of Smoky got arrested in UK, doing his stunts with Top Secret Supra in 1999, enjoy

Apr 7, 2009

Keiichi Tsuchiya breaking a Tsukuba lap record with JGTC Arta Honda NSX


a video of the legend Drift King, breaking a new time attack lap record in Tsukuba with JGTC Arta NSX in 2002. Setting a time 51.875 seconds and announcing his retirement. What a way to announce it, Drift King really is one and only.

Apr 6, 2009

Keiichi Tsuchiya the Drift King


Who is Keiichi Tsuchiya aka Drift King?

Born 30.1.1957, he is a professional racing driver known also as a Drift King because of his drifting skills and for making drift popular worldwide. He's also known for touge driving. He retired in 2004, he has a big career behind (Nascar, Le Mans, JGTC...) He is now a host of video magazine Best Motoring, where he tests new JDM cars, and a special magazine of tuned cars in a section called Hot Version.
Tsuchiya isn't like most of other racers which came from rich families with racing background and tradition, he gained his skills in underground street racing scene and made his way to the top.
He drives Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, known as Hachi-Roku in Japan.
Here are video of young Keiichi Tsuchiya, driving his Hachi-Roku in one of the first ever filmed touge and for this video Keiichi Tsuchiya got his driving license suspended in Japan back then. Enjoy the touge movie

Apr 5, 2009

Mine's Nissan R35 GT-R vs Spoon Honda NSX-R GT


Just some videos of new Nissan R35 tuned by MINE's in battle vs. Honda NSX-R tuned by Spoon, great video, great comparison of 2 very limited JDM tuned cars. Drivers are Daijiro Yoshihara (Mine's GT-R) and Tyler McQuarrie (Spoon NSX-R GT). Which one of those monsters would you prefer? I go for NSX-R :)

produced by GT-channel

Apr 2, 2009

Amuse Supra vs Mine's Skyline BNR34


The new Toyota Supra project is also cancelled due to the financial crisis... it just sucks, it would be interesting to see battles of new Honda NSX, Toyota SUPRA and Nissan GT-R, looks like only GT-R is hitting our roads. I'm posting a video I just can't get tired of watching, although I've watched it 100 times. It's the battle of AMUSE SUPRA and MINE's Skyline GT-R 34. Drivers are Manabu Orido and the legendary drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya.

Apr 1, 2009

Honda NSX


Since Honda canceled development of v10-powered NSX project because of the financial crisis, i''m posting some pictures of old Honda NSX and more brutal version of it: NSX-R. It's a legendary model, 2-door rear-wheel drive coupe, produced between 1990 and 2005, famous by it's well balance, sexy shape, mid-mounted engine, full alu shell... With a v6 engine inside, tuning options are unlimited. Even the list of people who had Honda NSX is impressive: famous formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, Jenson Button, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Bill Gates... they all had or have NSX, that's really something to tell you about character of a legendary Honda NSX. enjoy the pictures
via: www.jtuned.com
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