Mar 16, 2010

SKR EG6 at Tsukuba


On board video of SKR Honda Civic EG6 running at Tsukuba Circuit. NA monster with b18c (Integra Type R) engine and EK9 camshafts, running a great time of 1:05:XX. Not exactly a super lap like HKS EVO VIII, but for NA hot-hatch that’s impressive! Few lap times of stock cars at Tsukuba by Best motoring:

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 RS 1:04:151
Honda NSX-R 1:06:01
Mugen Civic RR 1:06:68
Honda NSX Type-S 1:06:57
Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-spec 1:07:09


Slappy said...

I like how you typed out the lap times.

JDM Racing said...

Designing is not my best skill :D

AtsushiS2000 said...

I know this guy very well. He is owner of SKR Racing and not "SEEKER" as you wrote.
Check this out:)

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