Jan 21, 2010

Sick Impreza STI on Volk TE37


This STI looks ready to roll! I knew i saw it somewhere before. I posted photos of it a long time ago, but I got confused by these Volk TE37 rims on it. When I first adored this photo shots, that STI was standing on Advan RS rims - here –. Still one of sexiest Impreza’s I’ve ever seen!
This photos were made before that Impreza got Advanized:) For complete list of modifications, check the nasioc forum. Enjoy this monster:)
Impreza STI Volk TE37 Impreza STI police Impreza Subaru STI Volks Impreza Volk rims
pics via:Christopher Gifford


Anonymous said...

What kind of front bumper is that? I want it!

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