Jan 31, 2010



Yet completely fresh paint smell and automotive stickers e-shop automotodeco.com has arranged a competition for JDM Racing BLOG readers.

The competition is very simple and clear. All you need to do - is just one way or another to express How JDM are you. You can create songs, drawings, write poetry, tape a video, serious or funny content, anything you want. We give you full freedom for your imagination. As long as it is in ENGLISH.

About the prizes? Original design stickers on the development and production studio automotodeco.com will award three most original participants with shopping vouchers worth 10€ for buying yourself something from automotodeco.com online shop.

Write your ideas and material under this post in comment area. Make sure you write down your E-mail so we can find you if you win the prize.
UPDATE:Competition ends on 1st of March 2010, so hurry up and make sure YOU get the hot vouchers.

Good luck!



Josh said...

I'm so JDM I sleep on the right side of my bed

John Claveria said...

Im so JDM that all the parts i look at for cars is JDM :D

Jack said...

Im so JDM my blood type is R ,
Im so JDM I keep a red flare in every room in my house ,
Im so JDM my Honda lawnmower has VTEC badges ,
Im so JDM im going to import my children ,
Im so JDM the sofa in my living room is covered in BRIDE material
Im so JDM I sleep on the right hand side of bed
Im so JDM Tein made my bed springs
Im so JDM the curtain pole in me bedroom is a cusco strut brace

Anonymous said...

im so jdm my dick hangs to right side

Anonymous said...

LOL u prick :D

Anonymous said...

im so jdm i eat with a chopstix all the time..
im so jdm i use air spencers in our bathroom..
im so jdm all of my shirts are jdm aftermarket brands..

im so jdm from philippines

Luksysz said...

This painting i called "JDM Stuff" Hope u like it :) http://yfrog.com/2r021210190631j

Anonymous said...

I'm so JDM addicted, I have 2x 200sx. One is CA battle version and the other is daily SR. And now I'm thinking about RX7.

Anonymous said...

why i can not enter links here?

Paulius & Mindaugas said...

We're so jdm, we have made this clip...

Friki said...

that's your video Paulius & Mindaugas?
Congrats :D I'll fix this comment bug as soon as possible

Paulius and Mindaugas said...

yup, that's our entry to this contest :)

Katmerka Ramic said...

I made this shirt.. inside the JDM its a poster cartoon of Tokyo with a Honda factory on the left..


Anonymous said...

Im so JDM i replaced my legs with beaks bars

tunedtech said...

Im so Jdm thats why we made this




JuliusAba said...

I'm so JDM that i made this :)

Email: julis777@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

when the winners will be announced?

JDM Racing said...

They have already been:)

JDM Racing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
P said...

any news about winners?

JDM Racing said...

@P http://jdm-racing.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-jdm-are-you-winners.html This is the list of winners

Anonymous said...

the Philippines is the most jdm-addict country in the whole world,,, anyone wanna challenge

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