Jan 8, 2010

Work Varianza T1 on Single Turbo Supra


Of course large rims kinda don’t go along with JDM philosophy, but on tuned monster like Toyota Supra with enormous power output, they are necessary, like there hot Work Varianza T1.
Something for your garage, white Toyota Supra on hot Work Varianza T1 rims, 19inch I believe:)
Tenzo-R GF white Supra Toyota Tenzo-R GF white Supra Toyota Tenzo-R GF white Supra Toyota Tenzo-R GF white Supra Toyota
pics via:swedemix


swedemix said...

You won't find many Supra owners rolling on Tenzo's. ;-) Those wheels are actually Work Varianza T1S.

The owner is a friend of mine and I took those pics of his Supra. More pics can be found here:

(The owner is "Bradssupra" on Supraforums.com for those who want to ask him about his Supra. It's actually a 10 second car as well.)

swedemix said...

Some more pics that I took of Brad's ride:

Friki said...

thanks mate! I was looking all over the net to find those rims, I knew I might be wrong:)
Nice photos man! It really is a monster Supra:)

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