Jan 3, 2010

FD3S on Takata green TE37?


Black monster FD3S on Volk TE37? Not, it's Rota Grids:/ Looks perfect, rear diffusor, sideskirts, extended front lip really show there’s no joke with this monster. Rotas in Takata green color stand out like they’re screaming for full throttle.

But Rota…they will never be Volks, no matter how hard they try to copy everything from them. Copying kills progress and competition, I don’t say Rotas can’t be quality, it’s just lame to copy shape and everything.

Perfect looking FD3S just for you.

FD3S green Rota FD3S Takata Green Rota FD3S Takata Green Rota FD3S Takata Green Rota

pics via:motormavens


option-D said...

Love RAYS!
Also lovable is the squirel at the window!

Friki said...

LOL, I didn't notice the squirrel before :D Damn it looks like a pedobear :D

Anonymous said...

it is pedobear

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