Jun 19, 2009

New FN2 Mugen Civic Type R coming to U.K. market


Rumors say good stuff is coming in U.K., Mugen version of new Honda Civic Type R FN2.
Very good news for all Civic Type R enthusiasts. They are mostly disappointed with current CTR FN2 for EU market. Bad stability caused by bad rear suspension setup. For saving production costs, Honda decided to install torsion bar for it's OEM FN2, it turned out to be a big mistake... JDM Civic Type R FD2 is better in every way., not to even mention it's Mugen version FD2R.
Looks like Honda bosses are starting to worry for Europeans, so U.K will get FN2 tuned by Mugen Japan. Engine will probably be the same as in JDM Civic Mugen RR with 240 bhp.
Now the bad news: Mugen will only make 100 pieces of FN2 and the price about £40000 is not cheap at all.
Mugen always does the best job with Honda, we can aspect interior with hot carbon fiber accessories, brutal exterior and improved performance in every way, but all the secrets will be revealed in the next couple of months, stay tuned for more news.


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