Apr 21, 2009

Definition of Touge Battle Ghost battle, Sudden death, Straight up


Touge means pass, in JDM scene it refers to races on the mountain roads or any of the narrow, roads that can be found in Japan and other geographical similar areas.
We know 3 types of touge battles;
Sudden death - cat and mouse race
It's used when he road isn't wide enough to pass the opponent. Two cars start the race one behind another and a car in front must increase the gap between them to win a race. The second car must keep the gap or decrease it until the finish line to win the touge battle. If the first car gets passed, it automatically looses the race. Than they change positions and they race again...
Straight up
When the road is wide enough for cars to pass each other, they start the race in the same line and the first one through the finish line is the winner.
Ghost battle - Time attack
Cars don't drive together at the same time, they drive separately and they are timed from start to finish line and the one with better time is the winner.


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