Dec 11, 2009

SS Works CRX Tsukuba Trackday Pics


Don't know why, but I fall in love in SS Works Honda CRX. With big ass rear double-wing, diffusor and sharp front lip (let's face it)it isn't an extra good looking car:), but all of the exterior accessories are necessary for doing their function - grip. Grip is something that you have to miss when driving an SS Work CRX with only 730kg! Super light body is powered by B18C engine (Integra Type R) bored and stroked to 2.0L capacity and tuned to about 240hp. It's a monster however you look at it.
I posted 2 videos of SS Works CRX in action, it's a must-see!
SS Works CRX @ Tsukuba
SS Works CRX @ Ebisu
Pics from: crazuknights


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