Dec 30, 2009

BIPPU – VIP styled Toyota Crown


Bippu, what does it mean? It’s modification of JDM luxury cars with purpose to make them even more luxurious. It’s also called VIP style (it’s obviously why). Whole bippu thing started with Yakuzas. They used to drive around with high-priced European luxury cars and they were getting too much attention by the police and rival gangs. Luxury EU cars were spotted easily, so they decided to drive JDM cars wich don’t get so much attention by others. But JDM limo sedans were not so exotic, so they started to mod them Bippu style and make pimp-mobils out of them:)

Typical bippu mods are big wheels, large mufflers, and lowered suspensions straight to the ground. It was all made on JDM sedans and limos, and with years, bippu style passed on minivans and kei cars and got very popular among styling freaks.

Hope you like this new “section” ;) Oldschool Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown Bippuy style Toyota Crown Bippu Style Toyota Crown Bippu Style

pics via: bippu4life


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