Dec 29, 2009

83’ Toyota Corolla AE71 – oldschool hachi


Totally renovated oldschool Toyota Corolla AE71 (the fourth Corolla generation) from Philippines.
Hachis deserve to live, respect to renovation project, this AE71 Corolla looks like a brand new car. Equipped with LSD from AE86 GTS and powered by “Black top” engine – Toyota’s 20v 4A-GE engine, which came out in 5.generation of Corollas and is originally equipped with ITB. Sounds evil, as it really is!
toyota_corolla_ae71 4age_engine Toyota_corolla_AE71_2  toyota_corolla_AE71Toyota_corolla_ae71_3 Toyota_Corolla_AE71_1 Toyota_corolla_AE71_interior
pics via: superstreetonline


corolla parts said...

Toyota Corolla has always been at the top. Making ford f series at the second spot..

Anonymous said...

thats my corolla

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