May 10, 2009

tuned b16a2 delsol Motegi vs stock K20a EP3


EP3 has K20 stock engine with 200hp, Delsol is NA tuned to 217hp
DelSol mods (originally d16, swapped to b16a2 engine):
-JDM Civic-R PCT Piston STD
-Skunk2 PRO1 camshafts
-JDM Integra/Civic Type R Intake Manifold with mod.
-HyTech style header 4-1 with mod.
-ITR trottle body fi62 with mod.on fi66
-Hasport Billet H-Series Engine Mount Kit 96-00 Civic
-NGK platinum
-NGK B-Series VTEC Spark Plug Wires
-mocal Oil Cooler with thermostat
-"home made" Exhaust fi60 by Damjan Pate (Slovenia)
-Port and polished head by Vojko (Slovenia)
-Superteh valves, valve-springs and retainers
-ECU tuning by TUNERC (Slovenia)
-Engine putted together by Vojko and Erc (Slovenia)


awek said...

Nice, I swaped B18C4 into my Motegi ;)

FRiKi said...

Awesome dude! Tuned? If you have some dyno graph please share:)

AWEK said...

1st I'm girl dude LOL xD
2nd I'v only dynograph done during first ECU tuning (sorry for my English ^^), rest I'v lost somewhere...

And here is my H:

AWEK said...

1st I'm a girll dude LOL xD
2nd I'v lost somewhere my dynographs and left only one done during first ECU tuning:

And here is my beloved H (now is much lower):

FRiKi said...

Wow, nice ride! :) Sorry about that dude stuff :D

AWEK said...

No problem ^^, oh! and here is my poor translation what's tuned (not much..) htt://

AWEK said...

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