May 8, 2009

Mine's R34 at Tsukuba Track


MINE'S is a auto tuning company in Yokosuka, Japan. They were one of the first Japan tuning companies that started selling re-maped ECU systems for Japan sport cars.
Their most famous products are tuned Nissans GT-R. Although the newest Nissan R35 GT was supposed to be untuneable because of locked ECU, Mine's started selling their tuned version of it with 100 more horsepowers only a week after R35 was available on market.
2002 MINE's R34 Skyline GT-R had 600ps, Best Motoring recorded a lap time of 57.7 seconds at Tsukuba with it. That's about 6 seconds faster than McLaren F1 on this track
Mine's stays away of the decorative styling part of modifying cars, they only focus on cars performance. Mine's founder Michizo Niikura answered on question in Best Motoring interview in 2002 why they left stock airboxes on R34 "We basically leave it up to each costumer how to modify some parts. If we try to do too many things, we will lose focus as a company" (I posted that video in another article) Simple and effective :)
This are videos of MINE'S R34 on Tsukuba track, drivers are Keiichi DK Tsuchiya and Tarzan Yamada, which drove best time of 57.7sec


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