May 20, 2009

HKS Skyline GT-R R34


Keiichi Tsuchiya testing 650 hp HKS Skyline GT-R R34.
HKS Skyline R34 has variable valve timing control (VVT) on a turbo engine. VVT is installed for keeping the low rev torque and still keeping the maximum power outcome at high revs. Loss of low rev torque is often when stock turbine is replaced with bigger one. HKS GT-R also has HKS custom forged crank and pistons..
What about adjustable valve system in exhaust, which controls the exhaust noise! The car is oriented to be the ultimate street GT-R. In a video it runs on street tires and not the best setup for that track, I think that's why it's such a difference in best lap time between HKS (1:03:xx) and MINE'S (0:59:xx) Skyline GT-R.


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