Feb 5, 2010

Mugen RNR on Civic EF9


Civic EF on Mugen RNR rims, another oldschool hot-hatch. It was the first Civic model that had VTEC B series installed. B16 after 20 years still popular among tuners because of it’s potential in tuning and reliability. Japanese really know how to build an engine, although oldschool body shapes and designs might not be popular in mainstream, JDM enthusiasts know it’s classic and they love it:)

Must say I regret they don’t produce cars like this any more. With 150 stock horsepower engine isn’t productive like some monsters, but 900kg lightweight body is something that new cars don’t have any more. Check out the potential of an old EF9 like this: Spoon Sports Civic EF9 video. Enjoy!

Mugen RNR Civic EF9 3 Mugen RNR Civic EF9 4 Mugen RNR Civic EF9 1 Mugen RNR Civic EF9 2Mugen RNR Civic EF9


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