Aug 8, 2009

Tuned Oldschool Honda Civic 1st generation


Oldschool car I'd love to have. 1st generation of Honda Civic which was produced between 1972 and 1979. Not many of those left, especially not tuned-ones. Lots of Mugen parts, I wonder if weight is correct (400kg?). Honda sure knew how to make cars even in 80s=)
Cubic displacement: 1276cc
Bore and stroke: 73 X 76 mm
Power output: 160 hp a 8500 rpm
Compression ratio: 11,5:1
Torque: 13,8 kgm a 6800 rpm
4 Keihin CR 35 carburetor
Water cooled with separated oil cooler
Spark plugs: NGK 216 Mugen spl
Mugen camshaft
Mugen oil pump
Mugen pistons
Mugen water pump
Mugen crankshaft
Mugen-Showa suspension
BBS magnesium rims
Mugen stabilizer
Weight 400 kg
Max speed: 230 km/h (in order to gear)


Gustavo said...

What kind of engine is that? What kind of suspension did you fit on it? I need both things for my 82 civic, let me know please!

FRiKi said...

That's all I have read mate :)

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