Jul 7, 2010

CRX vs. S800


Oldschool madness. 1st generation of Honda CRX (1983-1987) vs. Honda S800 (1966-1970).

Couple of sexy backs. When I started to look up what should I buy for my first car, CRX was on top of my list. Finally everybody convinced me, it hasn't got enough room inside. Now I imagine how much room can possibly be in oldschool Honda S800. Ultra small and ultra light, with only 771kg (1698,2lbs) 


Anonymous said...

who told you there wasn't enough room in the CRX? enough room for what?

i'm 6ft 2 and i can't have the seat fully back in the CRX as i can't reach the pedals. the S800 has more than enough room for me as well. i sold that CRX a while ago but i still have the S800 :)

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