May 8, 2010

EVO IX with ENKEI GTC for sale


Sexy black/white EVO IX night photo shots. Stock and clean sitting on 18” Enkei GTC01s rims, wanna buy it? Photos spotted on TheFreshJuicebox blog, where you can get in touch with owner of that white beast.

White-EVO-9 White_EVO_IX White_EVO_9 White-EVO-IX


option-D said...

I Wouldn't sell this beautiful beast..
Very nice evo! Thumbs up (Y)

Anonymous said...

what type of lip is that?

Firenze said...

This is a thing of beauty!! GLWS

Anonymous said...

Dude I love your car bro!! This is one of the best evo's I have ever seen bro!! You should sell me the car man because I am looking to buy one really soon and as in soon I mean like in the next month haha!! so what do yu say?? If you wana sell me the car then just write me back and if you can't write back on this thing then just send me an email to! Thank's alot!

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