Apr 12, 2010

RX-7 racing in Group B


There are million reasons why Group B still raises dust and still is great to see in videos nowadays, although it was cancelled 14 year ago.

Group B started in 1982 with very few limitations. High tech materials were permitted, cars were as light as possible and there was no restriction on turbo boost pressure, so cars turned to have astronomical power output. It was also most dangerous competition in the history of rally championships. Spectators were watching races as near as possible to the road, very often they were standing in the middle of the road and moved away from the racing car last moment. Due to many deaths among drivers and spectators, Group B was cancelled after 4 years of existence and 1000hp rally cars became history and drivers became true heroes.

Video of Mazda RX-7 in action, crazy RWD monster, great respect to who ever could control this beast. If you think anything about electronic devices to help controlling the car… You can forget about it, those were low 90s:)


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