Jul 27, 2009

Oldschool Mugen CR-X


Can't get enough of oldschool 1st generation Mugen Honda CR-X. Too bad not many of those left nowadays on streets. Most of those, who are still in one peace, are restored and only real enthusiasts know their true value, it's priceless. Actually it's much better have them restored, than seeing wannabe-racer kiddos with no respect outside, doing burnouts with old school CR-X Honda and destroying them.


AWEK said...

Oh! I saw it with the same wheels last year in Kyoto: http://img512.imageshack.us/f/dsc0419z.jpg/

It's really hard to find old japanese car in Japan ^^'

Anonymous said...

I own 1st gen. CRX ('86 year) with D16A6 ('90) engine :)

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