Jul 31, 2013

InstaVIN Ratings are Higher than Ever!


Are you looking to increase your front line sales this year for your used car dealership? Or, are you a consumer that wants to get the best possible deal on a used vehicle? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, there is a five year old company named instaVIN who can help you. They offer the finest vehicle history and title reports comprised of real-time, reliable car history data. When you utilize their vehicle history report and used car services, you will be saving yourself both time and money. You might also like to know that instaVIN ratings are currently the highest they have ever been! Not only is this because their major competitor, CARFAX® is facing a 50 million dollar lawsuit, but also because the level of customer satisfaction from the instaVIN products and services is consistently high.

It is important for you as a dealer or a buyer to know what to expect when you download a vehicle history and title report through instaVIN. For starters, they only charge their clients $6.99 per full report, which is in great contrast to competitors like CARFAX® that  have been known to charge as much as $45 per report. Also, instaVIN compiles their car data from only the top sources which include the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, the state DMV, police records, fire and insurance records, data aggregators and several other proprietary sources. When you download a real-time report through their website, you will gain access to the following:

  • Up to 24 Vehicle Specifications: this can include the car’s year, make, model, body type, transmission speeds, fuel capacity, curb and gross vehicle weight and much more!
  • Junk, Salvage & Loss Data: this includes the date, entity, disposition, whether it was intended for export, the damage type and data source.
  • Title Information: this includes the date, state of title, mileage and event.
  • Odometer Information: this includes the date reported, mileage, problems reported and data source.
  • A Brand Glossary
  • Other Pertinent Information

So, dealers and buyers…now is the time for you to experience the instaVIN difference. Reach out to them today for rock bottom prices on your vehicle history and title report. You can also count on them every single time for a superior salvage and VIN check report, bill of sale document services, certified pre-owned auto and powersports programs and so much more. Be sure to also inquire about their free mobile application for your iPhone and iPad, along with their free record check and VIN decode service. Experience the instaVIN difference and learn firsthand why their instaVIN ratings really are as high as they are. Call them today at 858-454-6782 or visit their website today.

Apr 16, 2012

Automotive art by Marijan Pečar


Long time no posts in JDM Racing Blog... I will get back on track soon with new layout and sick posts.

I was visiting a friend of my dad few days ago, a real artist and automotive fan. Here are some dope pictures he makes for living. About 100cm X 50cm and I couldn't believe that some of them weren't photos. Hand made pictures!

If you want to check more of Marijan's automotive art, check it out on his website @ Marijanpecar.com

Jan 28, 2012

Fail @ MOT


Funny Cars that would fail an MOT

Thought you might like these…

If you’ve got a car like this then do not take it to MOT London – it will fail instantly! Let us know what you think of these wrecks in the comments below!

Jan 15, 2012

180SX drifting


Check out this video of this slammin 180SX in action from guys at Ilovedridt.com.au

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